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Find the Right Gauge: Customisable Analogue Pressure Gauges for Auckland


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Science demands precision to a significant degree. Having the right information is the difference between a confidently functioning machine and a broken piece of equipment. Teltherm, with over 70 years of experience manufacturing analogue gauges and other precision measuring devices, produces an analogue pressure gauges that are precise. We also understand that different situations require different kinds of gauges or accessories to get the measurements that you need to stay running in an industrial application.


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Use a Pressure Gauge That’s Suited to Your Needs

As with any device, analogue or digital, pressure gauges need to be calibrated to remain accurate. Furthermore, they also need to be manufactured to quality standards and to suit the situation. It would be useless to us a gauge intended for high-pressure situations in a low-pressure environment.

Teltherm offers a variety of analogue pressure gauges for Auckland businesses in any scenario. We carry several 63mm gauges that are suitable for harsh or high-pressure environments, refrigeration scales, and ammonia scales. The 100mm and 150mm gauges are more flexible for general environments, while our larges 250mm pressure gauge is best suited for situations where you need to read the gauge at a distance.

Get Timely Delivery and Excellent Accessories with Teltherm’s Analogue Gauges

Teltherm strives for swift delivery on every order. Many of these gauges will ship the same day because we keep an extensive backstock of equipment. We also provide several accessories for your analogue gauges. If you expect that you may encounter hydraulic or pneumatic shock during the regular operation of your system, the right pressure gauge snubber can offer protection against such situations.

For situations where overheating or fluid fluctuations may be present, we recommend a pressure syphon. The syphon connects directly to the pressure line at the point of the pressure gauge’s connection. Before use, ensure that you fill the syphon with the same liquid in the system to provide the heat buffer for the gauge.

Another useful variation is the pigtail syphon, which provides the same functions for gaseous media. It uses system fluid to trap, condensate, then dissipate the heat. This method preserves the distance between the gauge and hot media, which protects your gauge and your investment.

Get in touch with the experts at Teltherm for more information on analogue pressure gauges and a variety of different measuring instruments best suited for your needs.

Choose Teltherm for World-Class Quality

Teltherm provides worldwide shipping, and we are based right out of Auckland, New Zealand. Due to this, you can expect a prompt response time and rapid delivery to suit your needs. We also are happy to field any enquiries you have about our pressure gauges or other equipment. Place your order using our convenient online store or contact us today for assistance in finding the best pressure gauge for your needs.




If you are not sure what you are after or are in a hurry, call us today and talk to an expert on industrial instruments.

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