Jason Clarke

Managing Director

Jason has been involved in the engineering sector ever since completing an electrical apprenticeship in late 80's. With an ever-increasing interest in engineering and NZEC was completed within the power systems and control system disciplines.

Initial opportunities were taken in the dairy sector, and being born and bred in Hamilton there was no shortage of dairy. Whilst working as a project engineer, experience was gained within dairy, and later the brewing industry. It was with this experience gained an opportunity was presented to join a project team designing and building dairy factory East Victoria, Australia.

Further opportunities presented themselves while working in Australia, and this allowed time to be spent in the water and waste water industry on some large global water treatment projects. These projects allowed for the great OE to be undertaken.

Anne Evans

Laboratory Manager

Anne had no idea what she wanted to do when she left school — although typically she knew clearly what she didn’t want to do. So when Medical Laboratory Technology presented itself – it appealed simply because it wasn’t the norm.

But she was fortunate to truly enjoy her work. Being able to make a real difference for a patient by diagnosing a problem through a microscope or fathoming the combination of results was a source of huge satisfaction.

Anne’s enthusiasm for her career did not go unnoticed. At a very early age, she was appointed to teaching and managerial roles in hospitals throughout New Zealand and some in Canada.

Initially, Anne was not keen to join husband Mark when they both purchased Teltherm. However Mark knew the strategic importance of having a reputable IANZ accredited laboratory. Anne having helped several medical laboratories through the accreditation process qualified her perfectly for the role. Mark’s case won the day and Anne joined the company.

Teltherm laboratory is now IANZ accredited in pressure, gas detection, temperature and Infrared, while the Christchurch lab also is accredited in humidity. The laboratory at Teltherm is now respected in the Asia - Pacific region for honest, quality results and remarkable service.

After completing a business degree in 2008, Anne now is a business and industry ‘convert’, taking the skills acquired in her medical days into the industrial arena. Her metrology technical expertise is now in demand and she gives of her knowledge freely.

Even though Anne and Mark sold Teltherm in late 2016, Anne is still actively involved in the business where she enjoys the technical challenges of metrology, growing the laboratory scope and training the staff.

Anne relishes spending time with their 3 grown children and her grandchildren, she is a keen road cyclist and has competed in the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. She swims and hikes and there is never enough hours in the day for all the things she wants to do and places she wants to see.

Dylan Owen

Internal Sales

Dylan Owen joined Teltherm from APC where he received an awesome background in gas detection. He started off calibrating instruments and his knowledge in this area is enviable.

He moved into sales and this is now where his passion lies. As well as helping you with gas products he is able to sort out all sorts of industrial instruments to suit your requirements.
Dylan loves making sure people are getting the right product to suit their requirements and his attention to detail is legendary.

Dylan is one of the great Kiwi do it 'yourselfers' and has already renovated one house and has moved on to the next.
He is kept busy at home with his lovely wife Rose and their two very active young children.

Carlo Gorissen

Senior Sales Engineer

Carlo joined Teltherm in 2012. He has a Masters degree in Electro Mechanics which is great for our customers because he can help them with all sorts of instrumentation solutions.
Carlo has a strong background in all forms of Metrology including pressure, temperature, thermography, pneumatics, gas detection, precision tooling, load cells, vibration sensing and much more.

Born in Belgium, Carlo now lives in Morrinsville with his wife and 3 daughters and a menagerie of animals. He is a certified dog trainer, a first aider, a mad keen fisherman, DIY handman and according to his daughters the best Dad in the world!

Barbara Roberts

Sales Specialist

Barbara has been with Teltherm since 2003. Before that she admits to having no idea what an industrial instrument was. She had been in the retail liquor industry managing stores but she exuded a ‘can do’ attitude right from the interview stage of her employment.

It didn’t take Barbara long to learn the product and in no time she became a real asset to Teltherm’s on line and telephone customers.

In 2007 when Saville Engineering was purchased, it became apparent Teltherm would need a specialist to look after its new oil and gas customers. Barbara was selected and she continues today to look after specialist product groups.

Barbara is a smiley person who has a real sense of caring and justice. She makes a great social co-ordinator and keeps the Teltherm team organised.

Barbara works remotely from North Canterbury where she and partner Mark love their country-style living - walking the dog is not a battle with the traffic and the country air is great.

You Qing Jiang

Team Leader, Production

In 1990 when You Qing arrived looking for a job at Teltherm, he was ‘fresh off the boat’ from China and could not speak a word of English. He had an Industrial instrumentation Degree from Shanghai University of Engineering and was willing to sweep the floor to get ‘a foot in the door’.

You Qing (pronounced U Ching) had a work permit for a year and within that year learnt so much, so fast that Teltherm pulled every string they could to get him permanent residency. Now, more than two decades later, You Qing may struggle with his English on occasions but he has the confidence to make his point, teach, train and help others.

You Qing is skilled in every facet of manufacturing and production. He is Production Team Leader for manufacturing and also skilled in all facets of calibration in the laboratory - his work ethic is stunning.

He and Chinese wife Jane, enjoy their spare time with their two kiwi/Chinese children. You Qing is also skilled at DIY home renovations and loves to return to China regularly to catch up with his family.

Jackson Liu

Senior Technician

Jackson and his wife Sylvia immigrated to New Zealand in 2002. He was readily employable because in China he had treated learning English as a hobby — he is fluent in English.

Jackson has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Wuhan University of Science and Technology where he majored in Electric & Automation Control. He has worked at various electronic and instrumentation companies in China and NZ.

Jackson came to Teltherm to set up the temperature probe business and has grown the business steadily each year. He is excellent with his hands and can design and build probes to each customer’s specifications.

In a short time Jackson has become skilled in most areas of the Teltherm production and is also an Approved IANZ Signatory for the laboratory. Jackson has excellent productivity and always has his customer in mind, intent on getting the job finished on time and within spec.

Jackson enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and children. He is a great long distance jogger, loves reading and enjoys travelling and meeting new people.

Liz Li

Senior Technician Calibration & Dials

Liz’s family immigrated to New Zealand in 2000. She has a Diploma in Metal Processing from Central South University of Technology in China. Liz has worked for 11 years as a testing technician, draftsperson and maintenance support in processing manufacture factory.

Since moving to New Zealand, Liz has improved her English and studied AutoCAD and PCB design skills at Otago Polytechnic. Before joining us at Teltherm Liz spent many years working as a temperature and relative humidity calibrator and has become an IANZ signatory in the laboratory. Liz is our IANZ calibration expert for gas detection instruments and is skilled in both temperature and pressure calibration and repair. She is also outstanding at designing and manufacturing computer generated dials for a multitude of instruments.

Liz has a great work attitude, she is a friendly and conscientious member of the team. She enjoys spending her spare time with her two children going swimming, reading novels and playing table tennis.


The Teltherm Production Team

The team that manufacture Teltherm’s own branded product have a wealth of experience. The average time at Teltherm of the production staff is >12 years.

This experience is a huge advantage to Teltherm as it is a major advantage for continuity of quality of product. The team multi-task in order to always provide cover where required which also allows for flexibility in demand across departments.

The production team are constantly aware of the importance of delivery time to the end user and always endeavour to do their best not to disappoint their customers.

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