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Product Return


  • Product returned to Teltherm must be accompanied by proof of purchase. If the item is under warranty please attach a copy of the invoice.

  • The date of purchase & original purchase order number are required.

  • When investigating a product defect we may reverse engineer the product. If a defect is due to Teltherm, the product will be repaired or replaced.

  • If a defect is due to misuse or the application, the customer shall be notified & repair work carried out at the customer’s cost.

To Request a Product Return:
Phone: +64 (0)9 633 0040
Email Teltherm:
Fax:  +64 (0)9 633 0012
  • We will guide you through the process.

  • To request a report or register a customer complaint, contact Teltherm as above and a Continuous Improvement Procedure shall be initiated.

  • When there is a problem with a Product Return, a return specialist will advise you of any non-compliance and work with you to resolve the issue.

Please return the product to Teltherm Instruments Ltd, freight pre-paid.
  • Include the original invoice and a brief explanation for the reason for the return.
  • Also include your contact details & your shipping details.
  • Always use adequate packaging to ensure the safe transport of the item.

Courier or Ship Returns to:
Teltherm instruments Ltd
Product Returns
Unit 5 343 Church Street
Auckland 1061
New Zealand

Mail Returns to:
Teltherm instruments Ltd
P.O. Box 12 171
Auckland 1642
New Zealand


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+64 9 633 0040
5 / 343 Church Street | Onehunga
Auckland 1061, New Zealand