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Rock Stars

Few people realise that NZ is world renowned in the field of temperature.

At Measurement Standards laboratory in Wellington world class work is done in the field of thermometry.
Three of the rock stars that work there are Rod White, Peter Saunders and Emile Webster.
Dr Rod White
 Rod White
New Zealander Dr Rod White has been an active researcher in most areas of thermometry, including working on the propagated uncertainty in temperature scales. He has twice been invited as a guest researcher at NIST assisting them with their research.
He has published over 100 papers and his book Traceable Temperatures is world renowned in the field of thermometry.
Rod visits Teltherm as a technical expert to audit our temperature methods and procedures. His input ensures we meet the requirements of ISO:17025 so that we maintain our IANZ accreditation. He is a huge asset to the field of New Zealand Metrology.


Dr Peter Saunders
Peter is another NZ metrology star – his specialty is radiation themometry – which  Peter Saunders
you may call infrared or thermal imaging. Peter gets flown around the world by industries wanting help with high temperature applications – the non conatct attribute of radiation thermometry is useful in processes that have furnaces etc .

Peter has published more than 50 papers and articles on radiation-thermometry-related topics, and is author of the book Radiation Thermometry.
Peter audited Teltherm for the IANZ accreditation of Infrared thermometers.

Emile Webster
EmileEmile's academic career includes a BSc in Physics and BA in Philosophy while for his PhD he researched the acoustical methods for volumetric and bulk density determination of solids, liquids and particles using the Helmholtz Resonator.

While completing his doctorate he worked at the Riddet Institute (CORE) in Palmerston North, working on the engineering aspects of a Milk powder modification process. After two years he then shifted jobs to MSL temperature standards.

Within MSL Emile has the responsibility of building a thermocouple research and testing capability, sufficient to offer calibration services to industry and to disseminate information on best practice when employing thermocouple measurements.

Emile has published multiple research papers including work in the last two years on temperature drift in MIMS base-metal thermocouples and thermocouple homogeneity scanning.

Rod, Peter and Emile are scientists at Measurement Standards Laboratory (Temperature Standards) which is an organisation within Callaghan Innovation – a NZ crown entity.


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