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IANZ Certification of Personal Gas Detectors


You’re presented with a quote for repair/servicing, testing, calibration and an IANZ certificate- so you understand what all this means except what’s an IANZ certificate - why do I need one, how does it compare to a traceable certificate or just a ‘calibration certificate’ and why should I care!?
What is IANZ?IANZ small
IANZ stands for International Accreditation New Zealand a crown entity – they report to government. A calibration certificate from an accredited laboratory meets national and international standards and is recognised globally.
Why is IANZ better?
IANZ gives your organisation peace of mind and a level of confidence and security. New Zealand companies have been certifying gas detectors for years but best practice has not always been implemented.
Teltherm has adopted the ISO:17025 Standard and become IANZ endorsed in order to provide the New Zealand market place a facility that is the benchmark for repair, testing, servicing and certification .
This gives employer’s peace of mind that they have taken every practicable step to ensure the safety of their employees.
What is accreditation?
Accreditation is formal recognition that an organisation has been independently assessed / audited in five key areas:
  1. Competence and experience of staff.
  2. Integrity and traceability of equipment and reference materials.
  3. Technical validity of methods.
  4. Validity and suitability of results.
  5. Compliance with appropriate management systems standards and found to be competent to carry out its services in a professional, reliable and efficient manner.
Why is it important to have your gas detector IANZ certified?
 IANZ cert-858
  1. As found testing is recorded.
  2. Repairs, servicing and testing is carried out according to manufacturers’ instructions and in compliance with New Zealand Standards and industry and government regulations.
  3. Instruments that have been serviced/repaired and calibrated are then extensively tested and certified across a wider range of their sensor’s span. If the repairs have not been done correctly this methodology will detect any defects more readily.
  4. The only lab in New Zealand that tests the sensor is linear and performing correctly across a wider portion of its range.
  5. Testing is performed using a combination of ISO:17025 and ISO Guide 34 certified reference gas rather than just NIST traceable gases.
  6. The IANZ certificate gives you numeric results so you can see how your sensor is performing.
  7. Uncertainties are recorded so you can assess the result.
  8. Repairs and maintenance are logged and performed by qualified personnel.
Does it Cost More?
Yes, usually it may cost a little more but some laboratories in NZ charge more for a non IANZ certificate than Teltherm charge for a fully endorsed IANZ calibration certificate.
Is any Extra Cost Worth It?
A company may tell you they are good at maintaining and certifying personal gas detection equipment while an IANZ accredited company, because it has been independently audited, can prove this is so.
NZ company directors and their management teams are now legislated to take more responsibility for safety & risk/hazard reduction - IANZ offers peace of mind to these governing bodies as it recognises facilities using only best practice.


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