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Teltherm is the only NZ laboratory that can issue IANZ certificates for Gas Detectors

IANZ for Gas - How we did it !!

When the management team at Teltherm decided to add gas detection equipment to the Teltherm portfolio of instruments we knew we could sell them but we wanted to be able to offer the same great after sales service we do with our other products - and we wanted the end users to trust us and be confident that we knew what we were doing.

There was a lot of robust discussion around the best course of action and while we had some gas repair 71x91awesome knowledge on board with the likes of Dylan Owen and Carlo Gorrissen who have excellent product knowledge - we still felt we had to go the extra mile if the NZ customer was to take our cal lab seriously.

A strategic plan was set in motion that involved factory training of all lab staff and product training for the sales team. Each lab and sales team had exams to sit and these were submitted to our suppliers for peer review. We were all learning fast but we still decided we needed to do more.

Telarc IANZWe discovered there was poor regulatory knowledge in the NZ marketplace. There are technicians certifying instruments in NZ with little training and no knowledge of either the pertinent Standards or NZ regulatory requirements. We wanted to be better than that and the only way to prove it was to add Gas to our ISO:9001 certification and go for IANZ accreditation for the calibration of gas detectors.

We consulted IANZ but they did not have a current program in place for us but NATA in Australia did. So NATA and IANZ put their heads together and soon IANZ gave us the go ahead that indeed we could put in application to them to apply for accreditation.

The IANZ accreditation involves hours and hours of paperwork but that didn't deter us because we were learning all the time. We had to prove our staff knew what they were doing. We had to write procedures for all our tests and then prove our methods were reproducible. We then wrote speadsheets to calculate the uncertainties for every sensor inside each type of gas detector!

We finally got to the stage where we thought we were ready and the audit date was set. The IANZ team audited the paper trail but they imported a technical expert from Australia to ensure we were doing all our practical testing correctly.
Peter from CMTS and Gavin from IANZ audit Liz and Amanda from Teltherm.

A team of three auditors questioned and scrutinised our team for an entire day - and we enjoyed it - primarily because it's great to work with people who know their stuff and Peter Mason our lead technical auditor from CMTS in Australia is a gas detection expert who works in the mining sector and he is a real gas guru!

At the end of the day we had aced it - Peter told us we were already exhibiting best practice and indeed our techniques and methods were totally up to speed with NATA labs in Australia.

People are now asking us 'why is an IANZ cert so important' - there are compelling reasons why IANZ certification is imperitive- but that's another story - watch this space for the next article!


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