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Walter Du Plooy - External Sales

Walter_DuPlooy.jpgWalter and his wife Melanie moved from South Africa for a better life. He had studied language, computing and business studies. Walter had worked previously in sales and customer support. At Teltherm, he quickly picked up the instrumentation business and has developed a real sense of detail.

Walter is one of life’s gentlemen – he is polite, has excellent manners and an enviable respect for others. He is the face of Teltherm and will be our customers’ face to face' point of contact when he visits them.

Walter is product champion for Teltherm branded products. His sense of detail helps customers find instrumentation that best fits their process. While on the road though he is happy to impart his extensive instrumenation knowledge to everyone he visits.

Walter enjoys family time with his wife and son. He enjoys cars and as with many South Africans has a soft spot for BMWs. Walter also loves music and you can often hear him humming his latest favourite tune.


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