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Peace of mind reminder system

We appreciate that not every company is a huge corporate with a designated person over seeing your certification system. For this reason Teltherm generates reminders for every instrument it calibrates. While this is handy for your temperature, pressure & humidity instruments it becomes imperative for your gas detection equipment.
Reminder System for Gas Detectors
In order to comply with New Zealand health & safety regulations your gas detectors must be calibrated every 6 months.  Teltherm's laboratory will send you a reminder.

We also go a step further - we keep a record of your serial numbers and the date code of the sensors inside you gas detectors.
Oxygen sensors may only last 24 months - it is very important that they are replaced before they fail. Our lab will inform you when a replacement sensor is due and carry out the repair followed by a calibration.

It is recommended your gas detectors are exposed to a test gas or bump tested prior to every use. If you would like to learn how to do this, we can provide you with the test gas and teach you how to bump test your own instruments.

Teltherm also sells simple, automated docking stations that help you manage your own bump tests. We provide training in these systems free of charge.

Big users of gas detection equipment may wish to consider a lease contract. Users on a lease contract have complete peace of mind as we take care of all the maintenance and repairs for you and organise docking stations and training for your team.

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